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Basic Exposure Of Our Policy

Thanks for visiting our privacy policy for your better insight towards us. In our privacy policy, we just gather your personal details  like name, gender, email- id , contact details, payment and transaction details, residential address etc.

If you Register With Us

We protect this information for your better admittance in our site. By offering these credentials as yourself, you are now permitted to utilize all activities in our site. By registering, you will get the following services under the “terms&conditions “in our site.

  • Buy any product of us.
  • Getting latest news.
  • Getting the mails/Bills in case of your transactions.
  • Payment
  • Giving Feedback
  • Send us a message.

For Your Detail

We also collect some impersonal info of following from the third party linked to your account with the aid of cookies and other web analytics

  • Ip address
  • Payment provider account details
  • Browser 

Hope You Won’t Face This

If you won’t give your proper details then we can’t bid our services to you and you may not be entitled to make any transactions.

Confidentiality For Your Credentials

We can promise you the following on your credentials protection.

  • We can’t sell or rent your details without your approval.
  • We can’t allocate your details in case of merging or selling our company without your authorization.
  • We can’t share your details with any user of our site without your approval.

Areas Shared With Your Credentials

We may disclose your details with the following people:

  • Our company (Accountants, financial consultants etc)
  • Government authorities in case of compulsion.

We are free to revise our privacy policy which is effective immediately. So, Make sure to take look on our policy regularly.

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